The Aggregates Industry is in the Chandler’s family blood. Beginning back in the early 1900s, Founder Linden H. Chandler learned the business from his father who was the plant manager of C.B Hollingsworth Sand Pit in Lomita, California. From this early introduction into the industry, Chandler’s Palos Verdes Sand & Gravel Co. was founded in 1934. Originally delivering sand to build the roads of the growing Southern California oil market, Mr. Chandler soon purchased the Hollingsworth pit and then in 1954 acquired the Sidebotham operation. The business expansion included Lomita Plaster Co. in 1940 and 1945 with Chandler’s Ready-Mix.

In 1977, Chandler’s expanded its mining to Corona, California. With the Corona operation beginning and the Lomita Pit reserves depleting, the family began a new business venture which it primarily focuses on today. The Land Reclamation and Inert Fill business was born. In 1995, Chandler's leased out its Corona Quarry in order to turn its full attention to reclaiming the land it once mined. Processing, placing and compacting inert material has allowed Chandler's to turn unusable land into structurally sustainable property once again.

Under the current President, 3rd generation Chandler, John Robertson Jr, Chandler’s has become one of the premier Land Reclamation companies in California. Chandler's was instrumental in creating California’s specifications for an Inert Debris Engineered Fill Operation (IDEFO).

After 81 years of operation, Chandler’s successfully closed its original site in June of 2015,after reclaiming more then 68 million tons of airspace. The site is now set to build 114 homes and expand the Rolling Hills Country Club golf course and clubhouse.  With the 4th generation now coming up, helping pave the way for the companies future, and ensuring that the Chandler’s family name will continue to represent exceptional service, products, innovative environmental solutions on current and future locations and the strong values that have encompassed the family for almost a century.